Preventive Intervention Projects

Preventive Intervention Projects

Preventive Intervention Projects involve a mixed approach which includes: research on the field, and preventive intervention into a particular issue the project intents to solve through strategy and a series of services or products.

For example: a training program provided to single parents, which will help them enhance their daily life performance, reduce stress, develop self-employment and self-management skills, become more successful in their life and business, would prevent single parents to become social cases, and will prevent their children to be demotivated by single parenting frustration and other related issues (More details about the single parenting project)


Through certification, training, experience on the field, the LDMF Foundation intents to build up a new generation of peace workers, humanists and responsible global citizens.


Emotional intelligence, emotional self maagement are extremely important for the development of a global culture and civilization in peace that is able to apply non violence as a daily practice.   ( More about the 9 Primordial Principles of Health, Happiness and Joy! )

Through certification, training, experience on the field, practice of unique performing arts methods, the LDMF Foundation intents to build up a community of performing artists qualified to engage into peace work through arts and culture development. ( Peace work, human rights and non violence, Sun Dance Theta Performers )

The LDMF Foundation trust that education and education for self education provided through coaching would be of great importance for a modern global culture and civilization emerging. A direct instrument for peace, human rights education, ethics, as well as an important legacy project. ( Holistic Strategic Management & Self-Management Certificates and Licenses )

The Matrix-Q Coaching School, and the Scholarship Program, Integrated to Volunteer and Internship Programs are a direct path to collaboration with local community and online networks and clusters of online students, and international european community.

Global Citizens, Expats, Scientists, Innovation Technologists, Futurists, Peace Workers & Human Rights Defenders. Networks like Research Gate, Internations are key for the direct promotion of peace strategies, and suggestions of actions and initiatives, new strategies and projects, in fields global sustainable development SDG 2030.

Direct intervention through network and collaboration is for the LDMF Foundation of key importance there for we are building as well our own network.

Through Research and Publications, the LDMF Foundation intent to rise awareness and provide knowledge and inisght on important matters, from peace work, human rights, love relationships, ethics, economy, wealth and global citizenship.

Gamification is a direct path to indirect education and share of important information, perception and insight into the field of human rights, peace, ethics, economy, personal development, culture and civilization development and advancement, human potential (Matrix 9+ Game Generator)