Peace, Human Rights and Non Violence


As a business consultant, traveler, social entrepreneur and artist i have seen how human rights are taken in consideration while daily life decision making, how are seldom known, and how seldom are applied.
For my surprise it is not only in third world countries, but in immigration policies and protocols, labor rights issues, women and children, family issues, but as well in daily life business, daily life relationships and even love relationships.
In 2011 i decided to reduce the time of my commitment to corporations and ground a non for profit organization dedicated to peace, i studied in more detail the issue of peace, war and human rights (Finally in 2016 i grounded a foundation in The Netherlands).
I discovered that war strategy has been used by all cultures in the world for last centuries, and it is integrated to the subconscious mind of every modern society, from politics, to business, religion, education, city design, and daily life decision making.
No wonder that war, conflict and other macro social events take place still in our modern world.
A start for the change would be to become aware of how in daily life, most of strategies used, follow war strategy principles. Simples examples and exercises can verify this observation in every individual or organization daily life.
If we are looking for peace, we must change from the root, how humanity design its daily business, as it is there when the long term business and culture/civilization development process take place, decisions are made and future is created.

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