Beneficiaries Assessment


Beneficiaries Assessment

The assessment process aims to find out the level of impact the project, company or individual has, regarding our aims and prirorities, through an evaluation of the current status and potential development stages that can be reached.

The assessment may take from 45 min up to 3 hours or more according to case, project/company length, aims, status, number of employees, time line.

The assessment report will suggest the candidate to be elegible for Beneficiary Certificate, which gives him/her the right to request services of the foundation for a fee on agreement, which is most of the time reduced, regarding the standard public price.

The LDMF Foundation team assign no more than 09% of its time, to assessment and services provided to beneficiaries. Research, development of applications and generation of funding takes at this point most of the foundation time available.

 There for it is extremely important beneficiries collaborate by helping us maximize the benefits of our collaboration provided to them, by respecting our time availability and priority right assigned to them according to our assessment.

Each candidate, after the evaluation, will receive a priority number. Every month, beneficiries in the waiting list will be assigned to a team member and scheduled for our services