Volunteer-B Program

Volunteer-B Program

  • An Opportunity
  • An strategic impulse that can change the destiny of your whole life

The Volunteer B Program offer the following services through special conditions

9 sessions of coaching:

The volunteer B Program is only for beneficiaries (Check if you are eligible).

Why would you like to join the Volunteer B Program ?

  • 0. An strategic impulse at the right time can change your future.
  • 1. Reduced Fees. You do not need to have a high financial performance in order to receive strategic support.
  • 2. You have skills and time. Your volunter support for our projects is welcome. Help us to help others.
  • 3. The coaching sessions include training. Your becomes skilfull to help yourself. To empower authonomy and support collaboration is our aim.
  • 4. The Volunteer-B program gives you right for a limited amount of sessions. You may later on add sessions by accumulting tokkens or points received for every volunteer task you have completed, you can later exchange for coaching units.
  • 5. The Gamified Volunteer program will help you advance your performance and bring into practice every thing you have learned.